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Group enjoying a safari experience with Virgin Unite by Satopia Travel Hosted Experiences
Satopia Travel connects like-minded travelers with their community and collection of hosted luxury travel experiences. Working with world recognized leaders and entrepeneurs - they provide unique trips with positive social impact. Their private collection curates stays at some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts around the world. They aim to create a world in which anything is possible.
  • Create a marketing strategy and plan for their latest experience with Chef Dominique Ansel and Virgin Unite 

  • Establish a GTM process for all new hosted experiences 

  • Growth marketing strategy aimed at community acquisition

  • Performance marketing management (Meta)


  • Lowered media and advertising costs, refocusing on partner marketing 

  • GTM process and templates created to ensure product readiness at launch

  • New website structure with better conversion triggers, optimizing marketing spend


Fractional CMO
Go to market
Growth marketing 
Performance marketing 

Served as interim marketing leader building out marketing foundations, hiring recommendations and 360 strategies.

Fractional CMO

Developed the frameworks, product brief, marketing brief and tracking templates to ensure product readiness before launch and streamlined acquisition.

Go to Market

Tropical Island Aerial View by Satopia Travel.

Directed the growth marketing strategy, which included new website UX and CTAs, refocused positioning on community and optimized for MQL.

Growth marketing

Lowered the CPL by shifting all previous campaigns to a dynamic campaign setup optimized only by mid-funnel triggers - ensuring higher qualified traffic.

Performance marketing

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