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Image of a person engaged in journaling, capturing a moment of reflection and creativity with a notebook and pen.
Saol wellness was born of the need for a simple way of living - acheiving Balance, Purpose and Connection in our daily lives. The first Saol retreat was launched at the premier Mantra Samui Resort in Koh Samui - offering groups the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation programs. 
  • Create a new multi-tiered wellness brand 

  • Go to market planning to launch the brand in 3 months time 

  • Website, social asset, content creation 

  • Brand awareness in local & international markets 


  • 17K Impressions in 3 months post-launch

  • 26% monthly growth rate in brand reach

  • 200% monthly growth in website traffic 

  • Media coverage in 2 travel publications 


Brand strategy & development
Go to market strategy & management
Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing 
Partnership Marketing 

In under 1-month rize established the Saol brand strategy, identity and full brand book. 

Brand identity

In a record 3-months we created the brand and marketing strategy, brand book, website and all social assets and collateral (B2C, B2B).

Go to Market 

Desktop mockup showcasing our client's website design, providing a glimpse into the user interface and visual aesthetics.

Developed image library, brand posts, wellness blogs, and copywriting optimized for SEO. As well as kicked-off UGC creation to scale brand.

Content creation

Managed all aspects of digital marketing, including social media, influencer, partner marketing, performance (Meta). 

Digital marketing

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