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Image showcasing a user engaging with the Duffle client app, highlighting the convenience and functionality of our client's.
Duffle is revolutionizing airport shopping. With one app, travelers can order gifts, duty free items or refreshments and sit back and relax as it's delivered to them at their gate. Launched at Copenhagen airport with more airports to follow. This is the future of travel.
  • Establish a robust go to market plan for the first launch and subsequent global expansion 

  • With limited team members and resources, create the annual marketing strategy, plan and budget

  • Marketing growth plan with sales projections and conversion metrics 

  • Launch brand on-site in Copenhagen airport



  • In 1 month, established GTM strategy and plan with multi-tiered routes to market 

  • Delivered a marketing plan that optimized mobile marketing geo-targeting and on-site activations 

  • Worked with media and travel partners for negotiated campaigns and placements

  • Managed launch logistics and creative plan with external agency, internal team and head of airport marketing & ops 


Fractional CMO 
Go to market strategy & management 
Growth marketing strategy
Launch activation

Served as CMO - managing internal teams and external agencies. Established marketing stategy and all foundations readying company for launch.

Fractional CMO

Crafted the go to market strategy for on-site activations across Europe and digital launch for global reach.

Go to Market 

Mockup of our client's website home page, offering a glimpse into their visually appealing and user-friendly online presence.

Worked with travel partners, airport advertising solutions and marketing suppliers to generate a growth marketing plan with target $1 CPL and 50% MoM growth rates.

Growth Marketing

With 3 months to launch - worked with product, ops, external agencies and airport partners to launch app at Copenhagen airport. 

Launch activation

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